Bridgepoint Hospital

The CASC Supervisors of the Greater Toronto Area offer Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in hospital venues.  

Persons interested in knowing more about the centres and supervisors listed here are encouraged to contact the centre by telephone or e-mail. Supervisors are happy to discuss their programs with prospective participants and explain the specific aspects of their programs as they may contribute to the requirements and purposes of the inquiring participant



Bridgepoint Hospital
14 St. Matthews Rd.
Toronto, ON M4M 2B5

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Manager, Spiritual Care
Iryna Soluk Figol, Manager Spiritual Care, RP

Certified Educator-Supervisor

Linda Kushnik, RP

Our “campus of wellness” is designed to inspire health and innovation, support healing, and act a welcoming, accessible focal point for patients, staff and the community.

Each element of the new Bridgepoint Hospital was planned with a specific purpose in mind - how could the building and grounds best support our complex patients to live better? There were some strong principles that helped shape the design of the building:

· Maximizing natural daylight and views

· Using natural materials and elements that support individuals as they progress through a gradual rehabilitation process

· Designing social and dining spaces that encourage interaction and good nutrition and promote self-efficacy

· Optimizing the therapeutic benefits of access to nature and landscape every choice was deliberate.

The 10-storey, 680,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has 404 patient beds in rooms designed to accommodate the latest equipment, provide natural light, and organized to facilitate the best patient care. Each floor has shared dining rooms, activity rooms and patient lounges to encourage social interaction and participation. In planning for the future of healthcare, we have also ensured that the design is to be adaptable for future changes.