Clinical Pastoral Education Programs
CPE Toronto.


Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is interfaith professional education intended to assist clergy, candidates for ministry, and spiritual care workers to develop a spiritual care identity as well appropriate skills in the delivery of spiritual care.

Supervised encounters with those in crisis will help students develop their own awareness in meeting the needs of those to whom they work including congregational and institutional settings, regardless of faith tradition. 

We provide in-depth training with persons in need in an environment where effective feedback from peers, teachers and students develop deeper self-awareness.   


GTA - CASC Supervisors of the Greater Toronto Area offers courses in Clinical Pastoral Education in a variety of centres in hospitals in the Metro Toronto Area (Canada).

We offer CPE units in a number of modalities including extended (part-time), full-time, and full-year residencies. 

These programs are offered in affiliation with the Toronto School of Theology (TST) and may be taken for credit in conjunction with TST degree programs.

All our programs are offered under the auspices of The Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC).