CPE Programs

Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC) and CPE Courses

involve clinical participation of spiritual care under supervision. This experiential process follows the guidelines of the Manual of the CASC

Teaching staff/supervisors are certified by the CASC which assures participants of quality programs and a process that has stood the test of over five decades in Canada.


If you are interested in knowing more about the teaching centres and their respective supervisors, we encourage you to contact the centre by telephone or e-mail.  Supervisors are happy to discuss their respective programs with prospective students and explain the specific aspects of their programs as they may contribute to the requirements and purposes of the inquiring participant.


The supervisors listed are Adjunct Faculty with the Pastoral Department, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto. Theological colleges recommend Clinical Pastoral Education as an integral part of theological education. Some congregations and church bodies offer pastors, chaplains, and church workers sabbatical time and financial aid for further education.


The CPE courses offered by CASC are listed in the Toronto School of Theology Calendar as follows: 

              TSP3551Y (CPE Basic 1)                   
              TSP3551Y (CPE
Basic 2)
              TSP3557Y (CPE
Basic 3)

              TSP3553Y (CPE Advanced 1)                   
              TSP3554Y (CPE Advanced 2)
              TSP3555Y (CPE Advanced 3)

Students in TST advanced degree programs who take the advanced units should register in: 

              TSP6553Y(CPE Advanced 1 for AD students)
              TSP6554Y(CPE Advanced 2 for AD students).

Please remember that the course code relates to the number of units the student has taken through TST at that specific level and not the number of units s/he has taken overall.  That is to say if a student has taken two basic level units elsewhere they would be assigned course code TSP3551Y CPE Basic 1


All CPE participants must also apply to and register through a TST member school. Students who are already enrolled within a TST program should communicate with their program director to determine whether a CPE units fits within their program. 

All students are granted TST credit for successfully completed units (each unit is equivalent to two TST courses, or 1.0 credit).