CPE Full Time (Advanced Level)
Royal Victoria Hospital

Full Time CPE

CPE Full-time – Advanced Level Units consist of a 16 hours per week. Group and didactic days are Monday 830 – 1630. Students may choose one of the other days of the week to do their clinical time. Students will participate in the on-call rotation available to respond to emergency spiritual care between 1630 and 830 for two weeks per unit. Students who participate in on-call must be within 40 minutes of the hospital.


         Training Centre:  Royal Victoria Hospital
           Course Begins:  16 September 2019
              Course Ends: 23 March, 2020
Application Deadline:  30 May 2019
 TST Course Number:  #1: TSP3351YY or #2: TSO3552YY    

Course Schedule:  Focus on Spiritual Care in a general hospital settings working with patients and families in a variety of care settings.

Cost:  Please refer to the TST Tuition Fee Schedule. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM (email to instructor email address below)
Note:  Register in #1 if this is your first CPE Full Time - Advanced Level unit and in #2. If this is your second CPE Full Time - Advanced Level unit.

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Course Supervisor: Rev. Dr. Dwight Biggs, M.Div. D.Min., RP
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Teaching Centre: Royal Victoria Hospital
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